Company Profile

Garima Properties is globally renowned for world class quality and standards in real estate transactional , legal, advisory, and management services. Today, the reputation we possess in the Real Estate Industry has been earned day in and out by serving our clients with matchless services, which eventually helped us in winning and ruling their hearts.

Mr. Om Prakash Yadav, laid the foundation stone for Garima Properties in 2005, and started providing valuation, legal, home or commercial loan consultation, etc. services in the Lucknow and Allahabad region. Now after seven years of determined and dedicated work, we have earned such a reputation in the market that we don’t need any formal introduction.

At Garima Properties, we are fervent about property, and we always aim to be liberal and advanced in our thinking and methodology. We believe in result oriented services, which not only helps you to get the desired results, but also keeps our moral high and always pump us to deliver more than your actual anticipation.


What Our Assets Are?

Our prime asset is ‘YOU’, as without ‘YOU’ we are nothing. Therefore, your satisfaction is our earning , your dissatisfaction is our loss, and since beginning we have never been into losses.

In addition to this, some of our other assets are listed below:

  1. We have a strong bunch of zealous people, who understands what it takes to deliver and fulfill the clients’ requirements in quick time.
  2. We always keep in touch with our clients to understand their needs better.
  3. We possess an exceptional real estate industry specific knowledge and experience.
  4. We only practice ethical ways as we have set certain principles and values for ourselves.